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What we do

We (one or two stylist/consultants) will help you organize any of the physical and digital spaces in your life — closets/wardrobes are what we specialize in however, we can also assist with decluttering a kitchen, garage, or the home office. We will offer support for decision-making, facilitate actions around removal of unwanted belongings, and set up systems, from shelving to labels, that help her clients establish order and clarity. Prior to our start we ask that you start using our “4 BIN” system of sorting. The four bins are appropriately named, “GARBAGE”, “REVIVE”, “RECYCLE”, “RE-PURPOSE”
During our consultation we will go into depth as to what each bin should hold.

The relationship that we build with our clients is professional but, a very personal one, and so your experience will depend on what you’re trying to get out of it. Whether it’s helping you sort through generations worth of family photos — or perhaps you need someone who will get to the root of why your disorganization or lack of productivity is happening in the first place, and help you work through the psychological part. Although none of our team are board certified Psychologists and none of us profess to be, our methods are based primarily on the premise that less is more and there should be thought put into what you already have instead of buying more. As wardrobe stylists our philosophy is simple “If you don’t need it – Don’t get it” As professional organizers and productivity consultants we work using a whole spectrum of services to help make your life easier.


However, we do work alongside various sustainable cleaning companies who would be willing to provide that service should you need and or desire it for an additional fee.


We will work with you to decide what you want to keep, and to identify where unwanted items will go. We will, in many cases, facilitate the disposal, donation or sale of belongings you may want to part with or re purpose. We will also work with you to determine what the functions of your available spaces should be, and to set up those spaces in ways that can be easily maintained.
We will respect you wholeheartedly and we ask for that in return. We ask that you do not book us when you are planning on running errands, playing golf or enjoying a night out with friends — you will be an active participant in the process. We will need you there.


Our rates are hourly after the initial consultation which in part will be used towards your overall balance.

    • Initial one-hour Consultation – $500.
    • ($300 will go towards your project)
    • Hourly rate per consultant – $85.
    • Travel time (each direction) $50.

Once an appointment has been booked. We will deliver 4 large plastic bins (GARBAGE – REVIVE – RECYCLE – RE-PURPOSE) approximately three days prior to commencement of the actual project.

Additional costs

  • Cleaning services using sustainable cleaner services $25 per hour
  • Waste Removal, Recycling pick up, will be quoted as applicable
  • Re- purposing Jewellery, clothing or furniture are all additional quotes as these projects take time, dedication and designer involvement.
  • Any storage container, rubbish bin and or shelving not provided by the client will result in a rental fee.
  • Extra consultants for larger jobs are $85 plus travel fee of $50 each direction

*New Covid Restrictions are in effect