The Green Generation

If you’re like us, and you find the constant statistics of global warming rather alarming, you may know that the fashion industry, as much as we love it, is one of the biggest polluters of the environment. Fast fashion just happens to be one of the top offenders, but how else do you look good and on trend on a tight budget? Extending the life cycle of luxury items is inherently sustainable. There are several celebrities and luxury re sale operations changing how people buy designer goods by offering an easy way to ensure they are used for as long as possible, refurbished, revived and reused again.
Millennials around the world are now questioning all prevailing ideas surrounding ownership, and the luxury market is no exception.
This changing mentality isn’t just about smarter investments — it’s also about making ethical choices. Fashion is one of the most wasteful industries today, and millennials have come to question whether they should contribute to environmental problems by constantly buying new clothes. Ultimately, rental luxury is about reused fashion, giving millennials an alternative way to enjoy high fashion that they can feel good about. We have noted a few and we aim to spotlight a different sustainable fashion house, eatery or life tip weekly.