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Concrobium 745-3276 Reusable Moisture Control Grabber, 9.2 Oz Pouch, 3 Piece

  • ABSORBS HUMIDITY – Concrobium Moisture Grabbers absorb excess humidity to protect surfaces and possessions against moisture damage, musty odors, rust and corrosion
  • TRAPS MOISTURE -The Moisture Grabbers o-rip pouch traps moisture on the inside and stays completely dry on the outside.
  • ADVANCED TECHNOLOGY – The unique water-attracting and storage technology is engineered to capture and reduce moisture in small, confined areas up to 350 cu. ft.
  • EASY TO USE AND REUSE – No mess, no clean up. Recharge in sunlight or oven.
  • PERFECT FOR – Closets, bathrooms, cabinets, pantries, storage bins/totes, safes, lockers, luggage, sports bags, cars, trucks, RVs, campers and boats.

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Concrobium moisture grabbers use unique water-attracting and storage technology to capture indoor humidity and moisture. They are ideally suited for smaller, confined spaces to help lower humidity levels and reduce the moisture that can cause mold damage or corrosion on your valuable possessions. Once they’ve done their work, the durable, no-rip pouches can be regenerated for multiple use. Concrobium moisture grabbers trap all the moisture on the inside but stay dry on the outside so there’s never any messy, watery residue to clean up. One pouch is effective for spaces up to 350 cubic feet. How to Use 1. Remove pouch from clear plastic packaging. 2. Gently shake pouch to mix contents. 3. Place on a flat surface in desired location. As Concrobium Moisture Grabbers pouches absorb excess moisture indoors they help to lower the relative humidity and protect surfaces and possessions from moisture damage. When they have reached their absorption capacity, they will gain weight and take on a gel-like consistency.


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