Miracle Made Extra Luxe Bed Sheets, Silver Infused Bed Sheets Set, 500 Thread Count Supima Cotton Sheets, Ultra Breathable Sheets, Bedding Set (Stone, Queen)

  • Innovative Sheets Infused with Silver – Miracle Sheets use silver woven into the fabric. This silver ion technology will maintain cleanliness, blocking odors and protecting your skin. This also means that Miracle sheets can be washed 3X less frequently than ordinary sheets.
  • 3X Less Laundry – Because our silver ion technology keeps your sheets cleaner than traditional sheets, you will be able to wash your sheets 3X less frequently. With Miracle Brand you will save tons of time washing bed sheets and putting them on your bed. In addition to saving time, you can also save money on buying extra sheets.
  • Protects Your Skin – Our silver infused sheets will always give you a clean bed to climb into. This means that your skin will remain healthy and protected.
  • Odor Blocking Technology – How to we do that? Miracle Brand’s silver infused fibers work their magic. Silver ions naturally possess a positive charge that connects with any odor-causing element and neutralizes it before it has a chance to reproduce. Our breakthrough technology will maintain fresh towels and provide you with an extra layer of luxury.
  • Ultra-Breathable & Luxurious – Miracle Brand ultra-breathable sheets are designed to keep you cool all night long, ensuring a luxuriously soft night of sleep every single night. Our high quality bedding sets are designed for longevity and resistant to wrinkling, pilling, & fading.


Color:Stone  |  Size:Queen


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