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The Length of Time It Takes for Cheap Synthetic Clothing to Breakdown in A Landfill and Why Natural Fibers Are the Best

There comes a point in your life where you just want to throw out all of your old or worn-out clothes and buy new ones. Thanks to the media, it has become quite difficult for us to stick to one trend and hold onto our clothes as they keep in changing time to time. What’s really happening because of all of this? You decide to throw away clothes and never bother thinking about what happens after we dispose of our clothes in the dump. According to research, the clothes that we dump fill up like mountains in landfills and take anywhere between 30-40 years to decompose. With that, they release methane, a very harmful greenhouse gas into the atmosphere which is destroying the environment on massive levels.

Why is Fashion Industries Still Using Synthetic Clothing and How’s it Harmful to The Environment?

While, there can be many ways you could recycle or reuse your clothing and make it into another functioning piece, like a pillowcase or a sweeping cloth around the house, synthetic clothing is and will always remain damaging to the environment. Fashion industries find synthetic clothing to be the best solution for producing clothing items as it costs much cheaper as compared to other fabrics. With this usage, these fashion brands make up 10% of the world’s harmful gas emissions. Moreover, synthetic clothing is made of harmful chemicals that are produced by destroying the natural habitats of animals when extracting these fossil fuels.

As alarming as it sounds, people still buy these, either not being aware of the damage behind the production of this or they just want apparels that are available at cheaper prices. There are, however, some organizations and people who are fighting for this cause and support eco-friendly production.

What’s the Next Best Alternative for This Cheap Synthetic Material Clothing?

It’s natural fiber. Natural fibers, like cotton, are just what the textile industry needs to use to save the environment from damage. Why natural fiber? It is biodegradable and breaks down easily and more quickly as compared to synthetic clothing when dumped off. The reason why you won’t find many brands using cotton is that they require a wide space and use of land, machinery and also water to grow out.

Apart from these facts, natural fiber clothing lasts longer as compared to synthetic clothing. They are also very comfortable to wear and wash which means if you have a very sensitive skin which is prone to allergies or rashes, natural fiber clothing is best for you as it has hypoallergenic properties and lets your body get the air or warmth that it needs hot and cold weathers. Another thing to add is that natural fiber is a renewable source of energy while synthetic clothing is not.

Last, and the most important fact is that natural fibers are organic, making them the no. 1 choice amongst designers that support ethical fashion and morality. People who highly value ethical standards care about the social and environmental impacts their production has on the world we live in. This is the reason why they use natural fiber that is biodegradable and does not harm the environment and natural habitats in any way possible.


Now, that you know what happens when synthetic clothing is dumped off in landfills, you should cut down on going for cheaper alternatives, like synthetic clothing and maybe find a better alternative, like natural fiber which causes lesser harm to the environment.

Worried about what happens after you dump off your cheap synthetic clothing in landfills and how much harm it causes? Find out the reality and what another alternative you could use to make this issue better.

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