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What is Fast Fashion

In this 21st century, everyone wants to compete time. In this competition, they are now becoming more in love with themselves then earlier. In this quest, one may trace a love of change, love of being unique and love to stand out. For this purpose, people now a day’s want abrupt change in trends and want something exclusive. So this love gave rise to Fast fashion. In fast fashion, trends took a little moment to reach stores from the ramp and even less time to reach homes. Fortunately unfortunate online shopping is just passing up the things than usual.

Well, it is unfair to tag fast fashion just wastage of time. Indeed it is playing its role in decreasing unemployment. We can never ignore the fact that fast fashion has a truly polished talent of far and wide areas. One can never neglect economical benefits one gain through fast fashion which is not only visible in domestic trade but also shown through a remarkable rise in international trade. Yet with immense positivity, it fails to get a positive response from environmental scientists and villagers. It is indeed heartbreaking to see that villagers the producers of raw material are not getting enough benefits. The benefits they receive cost them serious health hazards.

Well to demonstrate demerits of fast fashion let’s have a closer look at the definition of fast fashion. High end brands now try to be in vogue. For this purpose, they have to be in limelight among not only elite class but also among the upper middle class. The best way to be in limelight is to produce

● What everyone likes
● At affordable price
● And that be in no time.

So to achieve this target they have to be very quick in production. Moreover, they will surely compromise their quality. This compromise now will directly or indirectly affect us. How? Obviously, they will find cheaper means, cheaper raw materials will hire an untrained employee and will never follow quality instructions.

Think this as a race in which one is only equipped with the thought of self love. In this self love, we usually ignore those personalities or group of people who played their role vitally and who are not getting enough enumeration for their efforts. Obviously, those are our innocent villagers. Who struggles for about 4 to 6 months to provide us raw materials? Think what industrialist is doing in return. They are providing them polluted water and air.

Have you ever thought that what happened to last summer’s unsold items? The one which was embellished with stones and may have synthetic fiber in it. So read on. Almost 80 percent of the waste unused textile is left for decomposition. You know what it would take 200 or more years to decompose it properly. Big companies claim to recycle those but have you wondered how. Let us understand how

✔ By using them for another purpose
✔ To resale them at a lower price.
✔ Sale them to comparatively lower countries.

Yes, there is a good move to reuse the items/embellishments like buttons, laces, and frill. However, this effort needs more time to be in the mainstream. Till then half of the fertile land will be either covered with the gray structure or became barren with chemical usage. Textile dying is the second most dangerous chemical affecting clean water which is used for agriculture. Moreover, if the land will survive then rural population will find it difficult to survive. It is because of smoke, noise, traffic demolishing the true essence of village life. Moreover, we can`t ignore the demand for cotton raised due to fast fashion. This demand needs the use of chemical for the growth of cotton. This chemical may cause the death of the farmer by causing skin and brain cancer.

So now there is a need to work for our inner health rather than relying on our esoteric appearance. For this purpose, we should raise the voice. Before raising the voice one has to first make promised with oneself. That is not to compromise on quality.

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