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What Is the Millennial Generation and What Do They Want?

If you’re anywhere between age 22-37 years right now, you are a millennial! You can call yourself a post-millennial if you’re born after 1997 and fall between 0-21 years of age. Are you hearing this term for the first time? Don’t feel shy about it and let us do the honors of defining what exactly millennials are and what do they really want. Before we dig in further, you need to understand that every generation has been given a term. The generation before us is the baby boomer aka generation X, the one ahead of us is post-millennials aka generation Zand for us, it is millennials aka generation Y. Now that you know this, read ahead to figure out in details who millennials are and what exactly do they want.

Who Are Millennials and How They’re Different from Other Generation?

Millennials are the generation that is born between the years 1981-1996. It is categorized as the generation Y and according to research, millennials make up a quarter of the world’s population as of now. It might sound like a unique and unusual term to you, and we totally understand as it is normally used for this generation. This is due to the major differences between this generation and the previous generations. If you are a Millennial yourself, you must have seen how differently you behave in every situation as compared to the previous and the generation ahead of you. While most of us lie in the generation Y zone, it is easier to relate to one another on every level and be able to get along quickly comparatively.

What Do Millennials Want?

Millennials want the truth in everything that relates to them. If we talk about the millennials and their behavior, you will find that millennials are sharper when it comes to observations, information, and opinions. Like previously said, millennials relate to each other on every level and because of that, you must feel like a Millennial yourself, that belonging to this generation, it is not easy to fool us. If we talk about this point in terms what is going on in the market and how the media and advertising affect us, we are more aware between the reality and the so-called truth that is being shown to us through advertising media.

Millennials tend to rely on people and whatever you find online, rather than believing what is being shown on televisions and other media platforms. You can say that millennials are a more aware and awake generation that knows the line between the right and wrong. This is the very reason why social media has become such a powerful tool to fight for any cause. Take this new trend in following sustainable fashion standards, it has become quite a challenge for all high-end brands to really change their productions methods and focus more on ethical and moral standards. Sadly, being blinded by the media, the previous generation was easily fooled, but it is quite difficult to play this activity with the millennials which make us known as the most vocal and bold generations of all.


To sum up, it is not easy being a millennial as they face the most in every aspect. Because they are vocal about every matter and have power through social media, they might get praised by some and at the same time highly criticized by the rest. With all that being said, we are sure that by now you know what millennials are and what they seek in this world of today.

Are you curious to find out who millennials are and what do they want? Find out all about them and what they really want in this world of today.

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